Just a Few Quick Updates

I know it has been ages (months) since my last entry about our trip to Europe. I haven’t forgotten and I assure you I’m still planning to finish the trip blog. My feelings about our day trip to London weren’t very positive, and I’ve had a hard time figuring out how to write about it. I think since it’s been so long now, I’ll do more of a picture post and let those speak for me. I have a 75% completed post that I just can’t bring myself to publish because it’s very negative. I’m going to give it some more thought, but I definitely don’t want to leave this unfinished.

In other news we’ll be moving half way across the country this fall, and I’ve got some fun things planned for the blog in our new home city. I’m also going back to Paris in December (December again?!). I can’t turn down the chance to visit Paris again, even if I’d rather see it in a different season. I’m very excited about the trip, as this time I’m going with my best friend of about 17 years. She’ll be celebrating her 30th birthday during this trip, and I’m so glad I get to have this trip with her to celebrate (even though it’s really a work trip for her). As the trip nears, I’m planning to post about how and what I’m packing. This is going to give me the chance to blog about those travel tips I used last time, with some “not my first rodeo” perspective. I may even do some more active blogging of the trip as I go. =)

We’ve also got a cruise coming up here in August out of Galveston on the Carnival Freedom. We’ve never sailed from Galveston, and we’ll be visiting two new-to-us ports: Grand Cayman and Montego Bay. I have a brand new camera and I’m really looking forward to blogging about the cruise and showing off some awesome vacation shots.

Last but not least, we just traveled to San Diego and Arizona last month. San Diego was a side trip, and Arizona was to see one of my best friends graduate from medical school. We also visited the Grand Canyon for the first time! I’ve got a good 20 gigs of pictures to sort through, but when I do there will most definitely be some posts here.

Since I can’t post without some kind of picture, I’ll leave you with one of me from the Grand Canyon.


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